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Arianne Willeboer

Crop Specialist, Center for Agriculture

Arianne Willebore, of The Netherlands, grew up on a cauliflower farm and has gained lifelong
work experiences in the horticulture sector.
Arianne speaks Dutch and English (fluent), German (moderate), Spanish (basic), and is
learning Kurdish and Arabic.

Education and Certifications

Ms. Willeboer’s education and certifications include:

  • Nursing, University of Zeeland, Vlissingen, The Netherlands
  • Agri Systems Management (ASM), University of Applied Sciences, Van Hall Larenstein, Deventer, The Netherlands
  • American Farm School, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • B.A., International Horticulture and Marketing (IHM), University of Applied Sciences Van Hall Larenstein (part of Wageningen UR), Wageningen, The Netherlands
  • Theses on Marker improvement for the purpose of introgression of BYDV (Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus) resistance, BreedWise BV - Professional Training for the Seed Sector, Wageningen, The Netherlands

License and Certificates:

  • Forklife License
  • Entomology, Koppert BV te Berkel en Rodenrijs, The Netherlands
  • Crop protection sprayer Licence

Work experience

  • Seed breeding assistance barley department, Limagrain, Rilland, The Netherlands
  • Communication and Marketing, CZAV: Cooperative in Agricultural Business in the South West of The Netherlands, Wemeldinge, The Netherlands
  • Quality controller, Coroos Conserve Factory, Kapelle, The Netherlands
  • Allround worker, Grassseed Innoseeds, Moerstraten, The Netherlands
  • Research in strawberries on preventing fruitrot, Koppert Organic Crop Protection, Berkel en Rodenrijs, The Netherlands
  • Job in greenhouses, Seasun, Kapelle, The Netherlands


  • Final Internship: Research LED light for plant breeding, Grow Group BV, Naaldwijk, The Netherlands
  • Research vegetables, Product Development Netherlands, Clause, France
  • Research Spinach seed breeding, Biology lab, Bejo seeds, Warmenhuizen, The Netherlands
  • Orientation placement abroad; Greenhouse improvement, Sentec, Oruro, Bolivia
  • Work at farm and orphan house, st. Timoteo, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
  • Orientation placement: Grass seed breeding, Advanta seeds, Rilland, The Netherlands
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