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on the crucial question of the 21st century

The 21st century is not about politics or economics.

The 21st century – its destiny, its development, its deepest dilemma – is about its answer to the crucial question of the global conversation:

What is the best way to live life on the planet?

Thom Wolf, D.Lit., Ph.D.
(President, Professor of Global Studies, University Institute, New Delhi, India). 
He delivered 2014 Plenary Keynote Lecture for ICSSR sponsored ‘National Seminar on Globalization & Social Development in India’ at Indian Institute of Public Administration (Ministry of HRD, Govt of India), New Delhi; and was International Consultant, The Oxford Encyclopaedia (Oxford University Press).


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To further the global conversation University Institute convenes, connects, and collaborates educational experiences

University Institute is an Indian-American learning group in educational conversation throughout the Pacific Rim and Southeast Asia, East Asia, Central and South Asia, North Africa and the Middle East, Western Europe, and Central and Eastern Europe.

The Institute provides for-credit education for American universities and adult learning experiences for international and national students and participants.

University Institute hosts students from universities for educational seminars, andragogical learning experiences, and community involvements and immersions around the world – from the Americas and Europe, to the Middle East and Asia.

Each academic year University Institute, with a 10,000 volumes research library and a global network of friends and associates, hosts in India 80+ students from 5-7 partner universities for seminars, adult learning experiences, and community immersions.

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